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Our Mission:


we are a patient-driven support group, dedicated to advancing research & advocacy to change the future of ALK-positive lung cancer.


You or Someone You Love Newly Diagnosed?

ALK Positive is a family of patients/survivors and caregivers just like you, who are dealing with a diagnosis of ALK-positive lung cancer.

We offer a range of support, including our foundational Facebook group; consisting of 1800+ amazing members from more than 40 countries around the world.

Our Instagram wall of Hope

Medical Professionals

ALK Positive seeks to partner with entities who are furthering ALK Lung cancer treatments, as well as medical professionals that play the vital role of first contact for new patients.

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As a dynamic, patient-led group, we are raising funds for research to overcome the resistance that develops with targeted therapies, as well as innovations in ALK-positive lung cancer immunotherapy.

In our first year of fundraising, we raised more than $600,000 for immunotherapy research.

Resources for Doctors

Download our brochure for new patients.

It's written by ALK Positive, for ALK-positive lung cancer patients. It helps educate on the basics of, and treatments for, this rare cancer.


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