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ALK Positive is made up of patients/survivors (ALK Positives) and their caregivers. Three tenets we live by are Information, Support, and Empathy, no matter where you may be. We uphold these by providing Worldwide Information about ALK-positive lung cancer to each other. We Support one another around the globe to improve our physical and emotional wellbeing; and having Empathy towards each other because we are all on this journey together, no matter where we live.  ALK Positive Outreach Management Group (OMG) is the advocacy arm of the ALK Positive support group.  All OMG members are ALK Positive members who raise funds, educate, advocate for, and support ALK-positive lung cancer patients.


Anaplastic Lymphoma Kinase (ALK), the simplest explanation, is a genetic mutation/rearrangement of the ALK gene in the human body, which causes a malfunction that produces cancerous cells. There are several resources on the Internet to explain it in more detail. Here is one:

ALK-positive Lung Cancer and Treatments
(via https://www.uptodate.com)


If you are an ALK-positive lung cancer patient/survivor, or the caregiver of an ALK-positive lung cancer patient/survivor, please visit our registration page. If you’re not either of the above but still wish to support the financial goals of our fundraising efforts, please click the DONATE NOW button below.

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Our first three research grants have been awarded!  See the post here.


ALK Positive members – survivors and caregivers alike – are committed to raising funds for Research, Education, Advocacy and Support for ALK positive lung cancer patients. The funds we raise will be used to; 1) fund research grants so researchers may continue to work towards making ALK lung cancer, as a minimum, a chronic illness while staying focused on a cure for lung cancer altogether; 2) educating medical professionals, patients and caregivers in the standard of care for ALK-positive lung cancer patients; 3) advocate for increased funding, access to life sustaining medications, and better quality of life.  ALK Positive members help each other through patient-driven fundraising to accomplish our mission of increasing the survivability and quality of life of ALK-positive lung cancer patients.

ALK Positive Outreach Management Group (our advocacy arm), effectionaly known as the OMG, raises funds as a Fiscally Sponsored organization by the LUNGevity Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit with a Charity Navigator rating of four stars.  ALK Positive patients are actually influencing the direction of research that will, one day, save their lives.