Never Under Estimate the Importance of Leadership

In 2018, our ALK Positive family decided to form an organizational structure for advocacy, to develop a strategy for hope, life and a cure. The Outreach Group is dedicated to advancing research and awareness for ALK-positive lung cancer and to improve the life expectancy and quality of life of ALK-positive lung cancer patients.

Our organizational structure includes selection of a President that will lead in a manner that is consistent with our objectives and represents our family in a positive light that fosters alliances. A leader is selfless, fights for all, and ensures that all members feel valued.

In our first year, it was challenging to find a volunteer, who could fight for all while also battling cancer. In her first year as President, Gina Hollenbeck, is not wasting one minute of this opportunity. Speaking engagements, attending meetings, conferences, educating, fundraising, and sharing stories of those battling lung cancer.

Thank you Gina for representing our family! It takes a Team! Leadership Matters!

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Rhonda Meckstroth