Utilizing Skills of Our Members

Our ALK Positive Outreach for Advocacy utilizes the skills of our members to accomplish 100% of our efforts! ALK Positive Lung Cancer Survivor, Bill Westlake, is actively engaged in our advocacy efforts and serves as Outreach Treasurer. We have discovered that Bill has hidden talents in design and we are putting those skills to great use. Bill works with our Media and Outreach Team for content ideas and then puts pen to paper. Our ALK Brochure, located on the website, was his design and now we are introducing his latest creative design, our ALK Poster Presentation.

Our organization fully supports opportunities at conferences, annual meetings, advocacy events to highlight our efforts with a poster presentation. It is a great way to network, build alliances, and showcase the power of unifying patient voices to create change and fund ALK specific research.

Thank you Bill Westlake and all those who contributed to our new poster!

Rhonda Meckstroth