Why Every Lung Cancer Patient Must Participate for a Cure!

The key to curing lung cancer is patient participation, participation in clinical trials and The Lung Cancer Registry that is led by Bonnie Addario and the GO2 Foundation.

Why is it important? Quite simply…to accelerate progress and improve treatments! A CURE will only happen if patients participate!

Why participate? The registry is a vital way to give you, the patient, a voice in research development. There is power in numbers and the more ALK patients who register and share their experiences with the Lung Cancer Registry, the quicker researchers will cure this disease!

ALK Positive is currently in development with GO2 Foundation and the Lung Cancer Registry to develop an ALK specific survey within the Lung Cancer Registry and if you are registered, you will be notified by email when this survey is available.

We believe patients hold the keys to discovery. Your participation in the Lung Cancer Registry, builds knowledge to enable researchers to understand the complexity of lung cancer.

Together with GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer, American Lung Association and International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer we’re proud to offer the Lung Cancer Registry for people with lung cancer and caregivers. Research provides hope and save lives and with our combined efforts, we can advance lung cancer research. Register Today!

Rhonda Meckstroth