Facebook Support Group Etiquette

Our ALK family is growing with new friends joining every day! Are rules necessary in our online support group of cancer families? The answer is yes. This is so that:

  • Everyone feels safe

  • Everyone feels comfortable

  • We can foster a stronger sense of community

Online communication is challenging. You can’t see each other’s facial expressions, body language, or hear tone online. Misinterpretations can easily arise and that is why we need to establish community rules so that every member will conduct themselves in a polite and respectful manner.

Within our community we have different views on various topics and we must be considerate of all beliefs, even when they differ from our own. It is impossible for everyone to agree with everyone else every time. But what is important for all of us to remember is that every lung cancer family member needs support and acceptance of their posts or comments.

The ALK Positive Facebook Group does have community rules. A dedicated group of volunteer administrators and moderators work tirelessly to ensure that our members are providing appropriate information, support, and empathy to those living with lung cancer at all times. Our administrators and moderators constantly monitor posts and comments, and are skilled at identifying and intervening if our community rules are violated. It is best to leave the job of addressing violations to them so that our growing community continues to be safe and respectful.

Please remember: we do not have to agree on everything in order to be kind, respectful, and supportive to one another. After all, we are all fighting the same battle!

To view our ALK Positive community rules, click here.

Rhonda Meckstroth