Free Second Opinion Gives Patients Worldwide Expert Access


Designed to Improve Patient Outcomes and Reduce Anxiety

This unique program was conceived by our generous ALK Positive member, Jim Peard. Jim was deeply concerned that some ALK Positive members did not have access to a quality care team to guide treatment. The Medical and Pharmaceutical Advocacy Committee of ALK Positive worked with Jim to establish the program to help those who desire a second opinion from a world leader in ALK-positive lung cancer expert, but do not have the financial resources.

In the first nine months of the program, there have been 15 applicants. A panel of ALK-positive member/volunteers review applications. All 15 applicants have all been approved for a free consult. The cost of the consult is paid directly to the medical facility by generous ALK Positive donors.

The world-leading experts currently partnered with the Second Opinion Program are:

  • Dr. Ross Camidge (UCHealth, Denver, Colorado)

  • Dr. Alice Shaw (Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), Massachusetts)

  • Dr. Christine Lovly (Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center, Nashville, Tennessee)

  • Dr. Collin Blakely (University of California San Francisco, California)

All four of these experts provide in-office, face-to-face consults. The patient are responsible for the costs of travel, accommodation, meals, and any other costs.

Dr. Camidge also provides remote consults. A “remote consult” is done by phone or video, meaning, there is no need to travel, pay for accommodations, or if you are not well enough to travel.


Patients Highly Recommend this Unique Program

Patient Testimonials

“My mother was always a very fit and healthy woman when diagnosed with NSCLC lung cancer.  None of us in the family ever imagined how strongly this would impact all of our lives . . . . After much research, I found the ALK-positive Facebook group, which has been extremely helpful and taught us the importance of seeking a second opinion to guide treatment choices.

Our family felt we could benefit from a remote consult with Dr. Ross Camidge. Since this additional expense wasn’t something our family could afford, I applied for the Second Opinion Program. The process was so simple . . . . We were so grateful when I received an email that my mom was approved, 12 hours after my request was submitted . . . .

Dr. Ross Camidge was so friendly, patient, and spent time gathering all the info leading up to diagnosis, while going [through] all treatments, symptoms, scans, and reports . . . . He even offered to let our current local oncologist know his thoughts and recommendations as well . . . .

I highly recommend the Second Opinion Program to anyone who has recently been diagnosed with ALK-positive lung cancer, and even to those who are already being treated. Even though we had a great oncologist, who is very familiar with ALK-positive, we still benefited so much from our remote second opinion with Dr. Camidge . . . . My mom, my siblings and myself would like to take this opportunity once again to thank all those who are so involved and who have made the Second Opinion Program possible!”


“Earlier this week I traveled to San Francisco to see Dr. Collin Blakely at UCSF. It was a very positive meeting and he confirmed Lorlatinib is the best choice for me at present . . . . I recommend Dr. Blakely if you are seeking a 2nd opinion. He clearly knows the ALK sub-mutations through his research and has a calm and reassuring manner. I will see him again, if needed, and he invited me to email any questions that arise and also said I could have copies of my scans sent to him each time . . . . I am very grateful for our 2nd Opinion Program that facilitated my visit. I would be lost without this group and the synergy that is created with all your knowledge and experience”


”I am incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Camidge. I found Dr. Camidge to be warm and extremely knowledgeable . . . .

A heartfelt thank you to Colin Barton for posting the program here and coordinating, the panel for approving my request and Jim Peard for generously funding! It was a huge relief to me and my family to know that I was on the right track and to have a plan B in place.”

Rhonda Meckstroth