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"When I was first diagnosed, I felt so alone and overwhelmed. I didn't know anyone with my type of cancer. I didn't even know you could get lung cancer at 32! Joining this group made a huge difference in my life and in my happiness. I finally started taking control of my cancer treatment and my life when I found the ALK Positive family. 

-Cori, celebrating her 34 birthday on a hike

If you are an ALK-positive lung cancer patient/survivor, or a caregiver, we invite you to come connect with your ALK family in our online support group.

The three tenets we live by are Information, Support, and Empathy. We are all on this journey together, no matter where you live.

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  • Be part of a supportive group of more than 1,000 others like you with decades of cumulative ALK experience for you to share in.
  • Receive invitations to events, retreats, and meet ups.
  • You'll learn about cutting-edge research first and help to advance life-saving ALK research.


Please follow the link below to the registration form and submit your registration. The form ends with a link to the Facebook page you will join. (It's also below.) 


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With general ALK Positive information and treatment reccomendations. Made by ALK patients!



“ALK-positive” refers to a mutation of the anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK) gene, resulting in uncontrolled cell replication, causing cancer.

The ALK gene tells your body how to make proteins that help cells talk to each other. They are particularly prevalent in the lungs. If you have lung cancer with an ALK rearrangement, part of this gene is broken (or mutated.) You may hear your doctor call it ALK-positive.

ALK is also notable because it disproportionally affects certain population groups.

Those more likely to have the ALK fusion gene are:


Younger Females

 About 50% of ALK-positive patients are diagnosed before the age of 45. 

Females make up 65% of those diagnosed.


"Never Smokers"

Never smoker is someone who has never smoked, or smoked less than 100 cigarettes their life. There is no proven or suspected association of ALK+ with any environmental toxins, such as second-hand smoke, asbestos, or air pollution.


4% of Lung Cancer Cases

ALK-positive lung cancer is found in about 4% of all Non-Small Cell lung cancers cases and is responsible for approximately 72,000 new cases each year worldwide.

We recommend for full ALK-positive information