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At ALK Positive, patients FUnd & influence the research that will, one day, save their lives


DIY fundraising:

When you are ready to start your fundraising campaign, the button above will send you to our official partner, LUNGevity. Continue reading below for your getting started guide.

 GeTTing started

Some things you will need to consider before you start:

  • Will you fundraise by yourself or with others?

  • What activity will you do to raise funds? (see below for ideas)

  • What will you call your event/activity?

  • When will it occur?

  • What is your fundraising goal?

  • How can you spread the word?

Our Fundraising team is here to provide one-on-one support

We’re here to help you

Fundraising Ideas



Marathons, sports, obstacle courses- whatever your movement, turn it into a fundraiser!


In Memoriam

Fundraise in honor of a loved one.


Birthdays, Cancerversary, or other special days? Instead of gifts, ask for donations.



Painting parties, karaoke, pup crawl, jewelry shows… turn your favorite chill activity into a meaningful funding raising event.

Have more fundraising ideas? Tweet them with the hashtag #ALKfundraising and they will show up below!

Ready to Start Fundraising?