Support Forums Closing

//Support Forums Closing

Support Forums Closing

The ALK Positive Community and the management team has unanimously voted to close the website forums and use our Facebook closed group to provide support to our members. We will cease enrollment and close the forums on March 1, 2018.

These reason for this decision, and not taken likely, is that Facebook provides real-time notifications, an application for various devices (phones and tablets), and a common interface most can easily navigate.

All current members of the website who are not on Facebook are encouraged to go to, and create an account (it is free).

Once your account is set up and activated you can then navigate to the page: and request to join the group. Please answer the three questions and a moderator will accept your request and you will then be a member of the group. Your posts and comments within the group WILL NOT be seen by any friends you may have on Facebook.

If you have any questions or need assistance setting up a Facebook account, please use the contact form to ask for assistance.

Thank you for your support and continued membership in the ALK Positive community.

Tom Carroll

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