What’s Trending? Posts You Don’t Want to Miss (July 2019)

On any given day, we have dozens of posts on our ALK Positive Facebook Group. It’s likely that someone has posted content or questions on a topic that you’re interested in. This column will help you catch up on some of posts you might have missed.  Just click the titles below for more.  Read the replies too as there’s lots of good content there. 

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Conversation of The Month

How Do You Cultivate Hope in Your Life?


About ALK and Your Community 

How Do You Answer the “How Much Time Do You Have?” Question

History of ALK Lung Cancer by Dr. Shaw

ALK Positive Co-Founder taking a Break

Impact of TP53 Mutation in ALK

Tracking Cancer by Tumor Markers

Document: How to Make Appointments with Dr. Shaw and Dr Camidge

Document: ALK Oncologists by State *(USA)


Studies and Recent Research

Pattern: Patient Donated Tissue or Fluid to Advance Lung Cancer Research

Sherlock-lung: A Genomic Epidemiologic Study of Lung Cancer in Never Smokers

Updated NCCN Patient Guidelines for Metastatic NSCLC

West Wind Podcast: Dr. Camidge on NCCN Guidelines, New Research and Partnering with Patient Groups

Understanding Resistance in ALK+ NSCLC: SPACEWALK Q&A

Submutations: Acquired or Primary Resistance

How Lung Cancer Spreads: Antioxidants Implicated

Treatment and Side Effects

High Dose Radiation Therapy Improves Outcomes

Pleural Effusions

Single Dose Radiation for Bone Metasteses

How Does Progression Occur?

PET Scan Caught Progression, CT Scan Did Not!

Targeted Therapy and Living with Cancer Videos by Dr. Camidge

Changes in Metabolism of Drugs on TKIs

Pneumonitis with Brigatinib


Opiate Advice for Severe Pain

Husband on Alectinib, Need to Wear Condoms?




Cognitive Effects of Lorlatinib

Hallucinations and other Side Effects of Lorlatinib

Increased Energy on Lorlatinib

What’s After Lorlatinib? 1

What’s After Lorlatinib? 2

What’s After Lorlatinib? 3

Great Lorlatinib Suggestion

Lost Lorlatinib! Prescription Insurance Coverage



Reintroduction of Alectinib after TKI induced Pulmonitis

Disappearing Fingerprints on Alectinib

Lower Dose of Alectinib, Does it Still Work?

Weight Gain in Stomach Area on Alectinib

Ankle Ice Wrap Works Wonders for Feet Swelling


Cannabis and CBD

THC for Sleep and Pain

CBD for Appetite

CBD and Liver Enzymes

Full Course, High Dose THC as Treatment

Oldies but Goodies

ALK Positive Group Survey

Analysis of Group Survey Results

Sign Up! Lung Cancer Registry

Have Progression? Enroll in the FREE Spacewalk Study (US & Puerto Rico)

ALK Positive Worldwide Map – Enter Your Info

ALK Positive Second Opinion Program (It’s FREE!)

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