ALK Positive Partners with GO2 for Groundbreaking ALK Research

We are excited to partner with the new GO2 Organization. With this new powerhouse partner, we will fund more research, lower our overhead costs, and provide more treatment for this disease.

We will launch a new fundraising portal this month. More details are soon to come with full research proposal announcements.


How will the new 2019 research with GO2 (GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer) be different than the three research projects that we funded in 2018 with LUNGevity?

The ALK Positive research projects funded in 2018 are studying ways to help the immune system attack ALK-positive lung cancer.  

The new research that we are fundraising for with GO2, will be studying drug combinations: how combining other drugs with TKI medications may increase the duration of effectiveness of TKIs.

What are the results of the three research projects that we funded in 2018? Are they “done”?

The 2018 projects have two years to be completed. The projects began around October 2018.  Each awardee was granted $200,000 for their ALK research project, payable in four installments of $50,000.  The researchers deliver a progress report every six months, and they receive their next installment only if their report shows satisfactory progress. The first grant installments were paid to the researchers around August 2018. The second installments were paid around February 2019.

The final reports will be submitted around August 2020 and shared soon after.

What happens to the funds that we raised through LUNGevity that exceed the $600,000 needed for the 2018 research projects?

We have more than $300,000 in unallocated funds. ALK Positive is planning on directing $100,000 of that to our 2019 research projects with GO2. We expect the full cost of the 2019 research with GO2 to be approximately $500,000.

The remaining $200,000 of our existing funds may be used to boost the 2018 research projects by expanding them and accelerating their projects towards clinical trials. (More details to follow)

What about our LUNGevity DIY sites?

LUNGevity DIY Fundraising pages are all still available on the LUNGevity website, accessible through the ALK Positive website,

The ALK Positive website will soon enable DIY Fundraising pages and a donation page linking to GO2 to fundraise for the 2019 research projects.

Can I still raise money through LUNGevity?

Soon, our focus will be to raise money for the new 2019 research projects with GO2. However, you may still raise money through LUNGevity, particularly if you have already started a DIY Fundraising page there.

How soon will we get updates on the results of this new research?

ALK Positive hopes to be able to provide updates to our members and donors every six months.


More info will be posted to the ALK Positive Facebook Support Group soon.

If you have questions about fundraising before then, contact

If you have questions about the research, contact


Cori Casebeer